Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid For A Flawless Tan

Summer is here, which means it's time to get your tan on and bask in the sun! While everyone wants that perfect, golden tan, achieving it can be quite challenging. And with so many tanning tips and products available, it's easy to make mistakes that could leave you with an uneven, streaky, or orangey-looking tan.

This article talks about the top mistakes to avoid for a flawless tan so you can enjoy your summer glow without any regrets.

Skipping Exfoliation

People tend to skip exfoliation when preparing for a self-tan, and this is one of the biggest mistakes they make. Applying self-tan directly to dry, dead skin can result in an uneven, patchy look. The self-tan has no way of sinking into your skin to give you an even tan.

When you exfoliate beforehand, you create a smooth canvas for the self-tanner to go on smoothly, resulting in a much more even and natural-looking finish.

You can exfoliate with a gentle scrub, or an exfoliating mitt can help remove dead skin cells and create a smooth, even surface. Avoid putting on any lotion before applying your self-tanner so it doesn't interfere with the tanning process.

Ignoring Streaks

Streaks are the absolute worst when it comes to self-tanning. Not only are they difficult to get rid of, but they also make your tan look uneven and unnatural. These streaks can occur if you don't spread the self-tanner evenly or if you are applying too much product in one spot.

When applying self-tanner, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and apply it in an even, circular motion. You may want to ask a friend to help you reach areas that are difficult to reach on your own. Make sure to blend the product into your skin properly and avoid missing any spots.

For the best results, consider a professional tanning salon, where you can get a streak-free tan in no time. These professionals know exactly how to apply the self-tanner evenly and give you a flawless finish.

Forgetting to Hydrate

To keep your skin looking healthy and radiant, it's essential to stay hydrated both inside and out. Dehydrated skin can lead to a patchy, flaky, or faded tan. When your skin is dehydrated, it doesn't have the moisture and nourishment it needs to maintain a vibrant color. This is why keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day is important.

Drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer regularly to keep your skin soft and supple. However, be careful not to apply too much moisturizer before tanning, as it can create a barrier between your skin and the product, resulting in a less-than-perfect tan. For more information, contact a company like Tan Your Hide.