4 Types of Waxing Kits for Sale & Why You Need Them

Shaving unwanted body hair not only leaves behind stubble, but it also allows hair to immediately grow back. A better option is to take advantage of waxing kits for sale. These work just as well as pricey salon treatments and can be purchased at any department or beauty supply store. There are four basic types of waxing kits to choose from. 

Roll-On Kits

Roll-on waxing kits for sale are known for being a bit less messy. They aren't, however, ideal for covering large areas of the body. This kit is best used in between your regular waxing schedule. It's a great way to touch up areas where your hair grows in a little faster than others. Simply plug your applicator in and wait for the wax cartridge to heat up. Next, roll the wax over the area you want to treat. Lastly, you'll need to place the smooth cloth over the wax and firmly pull up in the opposite direction of your hair growth. 

Wax Strips Kits

Another option that avoids a mess, but covers a large area is a wax strip kit. These kits contain strips that are already cut and covered with wax. There's no need to plug anything in either, as you just rub the wax strip in between your hands to warm it up. Afterward, you peel the strip apart so that you have two usable pieces. Apply the strip going in the direction of the hair growth. Just like the roll-on wax, you remove it by pulling the strip forcefully in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

Soft Wax Kits

Soft waxing kits for sale are an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin, as these kits cause less skin irritation. The wax can also be used on large areas, like your legs. You'll need to heat the wax up in your microwave and apply it with the supplied device (typically something like a tongue depresser). Cloth strips are provided to place over the wax, which you pull quickly against the hair growth to remove. 

Hard Wax Kits

You won't need any cloth strips to use hard wax. All you need to do is heat the wax up and apply a thick layer to the hair you wish to remove. Wait for the wax to harden and then remove by pulling the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This method works well because the wax has a chance to harden around the hair follicle.