Tangled Up In Knots: 3 Hair Product Tips That Keep Your Hair Tangle-Free

While some types of hair are more prone to getting tangled and matting than others, the truth of the matter is that tangled hair is an indication of your hair condition and health. Your hair gets tangled up when the outer layer, or the cuticle, becomes damaged and opens up. The damaged cuticle basically ends up getting snagged on one another, which is why the tangled up mess only seems to worsen with time. If you're sick of having to comb through tangled up hair or looking like a hot mess, try out the following 3 tips when choosing hair products that will help smooth out your hair.

Use Lots of Conditioners Containing Oils and Even Aloe Vera

The reason why the cuticle becomes damaged is partly due to the fact that it has been stripped from most of its essential oils and has become relatively dry. To prevent your hair from becoming a tangled mess, purchase and use lots of different hair conditioners to find one that works best for your hair type. You want something that will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth without leaving any residue on your hair. If your hair is extremely dry, you should consider using a leave-in hair conditioner whenever you can. Condition your roots only to avoid having greasy roots that only add weight to your hair.

Conditioners containing hemp oil, coconut oil or olive oil can do wonders for your hair. The fatty acids will nourish your cuticles and seal them up. You should also look for conditioners that contain aloe vera as a primary ingredient. Aloe vera has a pH around 4.5, which allows it to seal your cuticles naturally. It can also be used to soften hair and heal dandruff.

Avoid Products Containing Sulfate or Alcohol

Be careful of the hair products that you choose to use. It's important that you read the ingredient list to get a good idea of what different hair products contain. Some ingredients are more damaging or more nourishing to your hair than others. While you should look for hair products that contain a lot of natural oils, you should avoid hair products that contain sulfate or alcohol like the plague. Hair products containing sulfate, or surfactants, or alcohol will strip your hair of its natural oils and cause it to become tangled.

You should try to look for and use hair products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Basically, look for hair products that contain ingredients that you can read. Avoid ones that contain a lot of chemicals.

Try Out a Hair Detangler

There are certain hair products out there that are designed to remove tangles. These hair products are known as hair detanglers. They contain different types of chemical ingredients like silicone, hydrolyzed protein and acidifiers. The silicone is basically responsible for adding some shine back to your hair while the hydrolyzed protein will repair damage to the cuticles. Cationic surfactants are also present to help smooth out your hair. The acidifier strengthens the hydrogen bonds of the keratin molecules in your hair, which basically strengthens your hair.

Keep in mind that your hair will respond differently to the unique chemical composition found within each type of hair detangler. Try out different brands and types in order to figure out what works best and most effectively for your hair.


Don't let your hair run wild. There are plenty of hair products on the market that are designed to help you smooth out tangled messes. You might have to try out different products, but once you've found the right combination, managing your hair becomes a lot easier. You can also consider buying hair products online so that you have access to more of a variety.