What to Look for in a Good Barber Chair

When you run a barbershop, hiring excellent barbers is only one part of the equation. You also need the right equipment to allow your barbers to do their job. Barber chairs are the number one piece of equipment that every salon owner must have. These chairs are an investment, so you want to make sure you make the right selection. Here are four things you should look for when purchasing barber chairs for your salon:

1. Adjustability

Clients come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall while others are short. A good barber chair will allow you to serve all your clients with ease, no matter what their stature. You need an adjustable barber chair that can be raised or lowered with the touch of a foot pedal. An adjustable chair will allow you to do your best work, and foot pedals allow you to control the chair without putting down the tools of your trade. Find an adjustable chair that raises and lowers smoothly so you don't subject your customers to a bumpy ride.

2. Comfort

You want to give your customers a pleasant experience whenever they get their hair cut. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can ruin an otherwise great trip to the barbershop. Some haircuts take longer than others, especially if customers require a beard trim as well. Look for barber chairs with adequate cushioning. These chairs will keep your clients comfortable throughout their entire appointment so they can leave with a smile on their face.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Barber chairs should be easy to clean. When purchasing chairs, look for cushions made from nonporous materials. Porous cushions can absorb sweat and odors that are unsanitary and unpleasant. Faux leather cushions are a great option. They look sleek and elegant while still being very easy to clean. You easily can wipe down faux leather chairs with disinfectant. Buy durable chairs so you can disinfect your chairs between each customer without worrying about damaging the upholstery.

4. Designs Suited to Your Customers

Barber chairs are typically black. For many barbershop owners, plain black chairs are a solid choice. However, you should think about your customer base when making your decision. If your customer demographic is young and trendy, you may want to consider more eye-catching chairs. Use your chairs to create a mood that your customers will enjoy. The furniture of your salon should be part of the overall experience.