3 Tips For Making Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

There are many types of hair extensions on the market, whether they are synthetic or human hair, and they can be installed in different ways. Making the effort to keep your extension in good condition will prolong their longevity.

Rotate Your Extensions

Many people choose human hair extensions due to their quality and versatility. You should consider rotating your human hair extensions with premium synthetic ones to prolong the life of more expensive extensions. Fortunately, premium synthetic extensions can look similar to human hair, so it is easy to have many extensions in your rotation without sacrificing the look of your hairstyle or quality. Your ability to change your extensions will also depend on how they are installed. Sew-in extensions are meant to be worn longer than their clip-in counterparts. If possible, using clip-in extensions will make it easier to change the hair frequently.

Be Mindful Of Sleep Habits

You should remove your extensions before going to bed whenever possible, which can reduce friction and tangling. For extensions that are designed to remain in place for extended periods, you should try different methods of minimizing friction at night. Some people choose to wear a satin scarf or cap at night. If this is uncomfortable, you can sleep with a satin pillowcase. Depending on the texture and style of your hair, you may place your hair in ponytails before going to sleep, which makes it easier to keep the hair in place as you sleep. If your hair will be in ponytails, use ponytail holders are designed to minimize snagging on your hair and that are easy to remove in the morning.

Minimize Heat

Heat should not be used on synthetic hair, even premium synthetic hair, since some will melt when heat is applied. For human hair, high or excessive heat can cause considerable damage and leave your hair brittle and damaged. Curly hair is typically easier to wear without the use of heat, since there are many heatless ways to create or maintain a curly hairstyle. For example, when your hair is wet, you may braid it or create two-strand twists. Once the hair is thoroughly dry, you can take out the twists or braids and you will have curls or waves. For straight hair, using the comb attachment on your hairdryer can help smooth the hair without as much heat. Next, you can finish the straightening process with a flat iron, just on a lower heat setting. With any human hair extensions, use a heat protectant before applying heat.

Well-kept hair extensions can last for many years if they are cared for properly. Rotating your hair extensions with other pieces and proper maintenance of your extensions will keep them looking nice and wearable. For more information, contact companies like Detour Salon & Detour The Store.