3 Things To Expect When You Have Your Eyebrows Microbladed

The appeal of microblading is that you can have the full and beautifully shaped eyebrows that you've always wanted and you don't have to worry about filling them in each day. The procedure is fairly straightforward, but it is important that you are aware of what to expect during and after the procedure, so you feel comfortable and are well prepared. Here are three things to expect:

Your Eyebrows Will Be Numbed 

Some people fear getting their eyebrows microbladed because they aren't sure what it is going to feel like. Thankfully, the eyebrow artist who does your eyebrows will make sure to numb your eyebrows before they begin using the scraper to tattoo them. While you still may slightly feel a bit of the scraping at first, you will be numbed more and more with each pass of your eyebrows. This means that by the end your eyebrows will be completely numbed, and you likely won't feel much at all. This makes microblading possible for those who have a low pain tolerance but would really like this procedure done. 

Your Eyebrows Will Scab Over 

As part of the healing process from microblading, your eyebrows will scab over. When this happens, there is no need to worry. The most important thing to remember during this time is to leave the scabs alone. It is a very important part of the healing process, and if you happen to pick on them or pull on them, this could disrupt the way that your color pigment fills in once the scabs are removed. To avoid touching them and to avoid irritation, you should place lotion on them each day.

The Touch-up Is Necessary 

When someone has their eyebrows microbladed, they will need to have the initial procedure, which is then followed by a touch-up. This touch-up is essential to creating full and completely microbladed eyebrows. When your scabs come off, and the pigment fills in, you will notice that some spots may be more faded than others and some lines may not have come in at all. Don't panic because this is totally normal and will be fixed during your touch-up procedure. Your eyebrow artist will go over these areas once more and will make sure that each hair stroke is complete and that your microbladed eyebrows look full and natural. 

Microblading is an excellent procedure, just know that you will be numbed so that procedure is comfortable for you, you will experience some scabbing, and that your touch up will give you the final results that you desire.