The Little Black Dress: Style Tips For Every Occasion

The little black dress first became an iconic fashion symbol when Audrey Hepburn donned the look in the 1961 classic film, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Although the little black dress existed long before that, Hepburn helped propel the look toward heights of popularity never seen before. In fact, people say every woman of any age should own a little black dress, and with good reason. The look can accommodate just about any occasion. All you need is a few style tips to help you along the way.

Christmas Chic Style

The little black dress offers a chic fashion style that is hard to beat. While wearing red or green may make better sense for the Christmas season, a little black dress offers a stylish sense of maturity. Of course, you want to ensure that your look accommodates the Christmas spirit.

One way to ensure you do not have a bland and colorless or deeply depressing look this upcoming Christmas season is to add some flair to your little black dress. For example, stray away from pairing black shoes with your black dress. Instead, opt for a colorful pair of suede booties in red.

Accessorize yourself with matching pieces, such as a red beaded necklace or a red rhinestone belt that accentuates the smallest part of your waist. You may also want to opt for a red pashmina or shawl to brighten up your holiday look. By adding color to your black dress outfit, you can easily get into the holiday spirit while maintaining that sleek, stylish appearance that you so enjoy.

New Year's Eve Style

You can wear that same black dress to a New Year's Eve party. Of course, you will need to switch up your accessories. By exchanging your accessories to match the occasion, you can make your dress look entirely different.

This time around, you will want to accessorize with either gold or champagne colored accessories. Gold or champagne colored jewelry, shoes, and a clutch can go a long way toward helping you ring in the New Year in style.

Up your style game by pairing nude or sheer black panty hose with your black dress. Keep in mind that it is best to avoid wearing colored hose with your black dress. Instead, stick with adding hints of color through other accessories such as hats, jewelry, belts, shoes, and purses.

Funeral Style

Black dresses are popular women's wear when it comes to funerals. The color black has long been associated with mourning, so it would only make sense that you would reach for your little black dress for a funeral.

For this occasion, you should keep the accessories to a minimum. Aside from maybe small stud earrings, avoid overdoing it with the accessories. A simple barrette to help hold your hair in place is also acceptable for this fashion style.

Make sure you pair your outfit with a pair of black shoes rather than colored shoes. You should also keep your makeup minimal so that your appearance is more respectable.

Date Night Style

A simple black dress is great for a date night. If your date plans on taking you to a fancy restaurant, accessorize yourself with elegant looking accessories in gold or silver. For example, silver or gold dangling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can make you look like a million bucks.

If your date plans on taking you somewhere a little more laid-back, no worries! The little black dress can work great for this date night occasion, too. To achieve a more casual, laid back appearance, opt for chunky pieces of jewelry in bold, bright colors.

If your wardrobe does not contain a little black dress, it is time to change that. When you purchase your dress, speak to a retail professional to find out more about what accessories they recommend for various occasions. You will quickly find that the little black dress will become a staple fashion piece for you as it has for so many other women in the last several decades.